Friday, 22 February 2013

Competition Time!

Having returned from maternity leave I've had to think seriously about the direction I'd like the business to take and I've decided to stop making and selling the cakestands and candles etc, concentrating instead on the hire and tea party side of things. I'll be hanging onto most of my cakestands as I can use them as part of the business but I can spare this one! Especially if it can raise a lot of money for a worthy cause. Please read the rules below with details of how to enter.

Please read the "rules" below so you know exactly what to do!

1. The prize is a two tiered cake stand handmade by myself using vintage plates and is totally unique. It is easily dismantled for storage. Postage is also included in the prize bringing the total value of the prize to £26.50

2. One entry to the raffle costs £1. You may enter as many times as you like. Each entry will be allocated a number in the order they are received, and I will keep a list of names and numbers.

3. Entries can be paid for by sending via PayPal to If you send it as a personal payment owed rather than the purchase of goods it shouldn't incur a big charge from them to me.

4. If you prefer, you can also send payment by cheque. Please email me for the address etc.

5. The raffle will close on Saturday 2nd March at 8pm.

6. I will choose a winner by using a random number generator online, and the winners name will be announced that evening.

7. The first £50 raised will go to the charity Friends of Roshni. ROSHNI is a special school and therapy centre for children and young adults with neurological disabilities (such as cerebral palsy and learning disabilities), many living in extreme poverty, who otherwise would be deprived of education and rehabilitation services. Find out more at . Any money raised thereafter I will pass to my in laws Liza and Tim Westbrook who are going back to Sri Lanka in May. They spent two years there helping those less fortunate than themselves and still go back regularly to continue their support of various families and always discover more people with need.

8. There will be runners up prizes too. I will keep people updated about these via my 
Facebook page

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