Friday, 23 March 2012

Make and Cake

The weather's great and what better way to spend it than with friends having afternoon tea in the caravan? My very creative friend and neighbour Frome Maid (who has her own lovely blog by the way came over with three great new tea cosies for us to photograph. We are planning to run a workshop with the brilliant Millie Moon giving customers the chance to make their very own vintage style tea cosy, eat as much cake and drink as much tea as they like! Frome Maid will be on hand to demonstrate how to make these lovely creations whilst you eat lovely treats on fine vintage china. You'll then be given access to the machines to make your very own cosy. Victoria will be on hand all evening to assist with the sewing and I'll be around to ensure there's plenty tea flowing. All materials needed for the tea cosies are of course included in the price. Full details can be found at  These tea cosies are perfect for 2012. How much more British can you get? I have already bagged a London one for my Jubilee party! Why not come along and make your own? Once you've got the pattern and the know how, you can make a whole bunch of them. Perfect presents!

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